The sensuous beauty, entrancing culture and inclusive ethnic tapestry of Brazil awaits you on your customized TOCA Trips immersion. Bask in the hypnotic rhythms of bossa nova along Ipanema Beach, trek amid some of the world’s most impressive urban topographical landmarks, and encounter the true soul of samba and its connectivity to Afro-Brazilian cultural traditions.
Welcome to Rio de Janeiro…and we’ve only just started our journey!
Brazil has so much to offer, and TOCA Trips customizes your itinerary to meet your specific desires. Travel back in time along the colonial-era roads comprising the Estrada Real and discover the sublime architectural heritage and limitless cultural jewels of UNESCO World
Heritage Sites such as Paraty, Tiradentes and Ouro Preto. For eco-focused travelers, discover a wealth of biospheres including the lush Amazon rain forest, the ever-powerful Iguassu Falls, and the stunning beauty of Brazil’s White Desert with its sun-drenched lagoons.

From Sao Paulo’s uber-sophisticated cityscape to Salvador’s cobblestone alleyways, TOCA Trips will transport you on a voyage like no other. Our unique integration of visual, performance and culinary arts into each itinerary ensures a trip to remember for a lifetime.


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Tour typeArchitecture, Arts, Culinary, Music, Nature
DestinationSouth America