10 Days/9 Nights


12 Days/11 Nights

The South Coast of Cuba is a yachters paradise. The two main group of islands in the area are the Archipelago of Canarreos and the Archipelago Jardines de la Reina. Both clusters offer excellent diving sites to explore the health of the marine ecosystem and pristine, secluded beaches for total privacy and isolation. The South Coast also has some of Cuba’s best ports of calls, where you and your guests will share your experiences with local hosts, and our team of experts and insiders will guide you through the discovery of Cuban culture, music, art, navigation, environmental sciences, and sustainability.

Join us in a 12-day exploration of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful landscapes and one of its best kept secrets. You will fly into Havana as your vessel navigates to Maria La Gorda, a prized diving site in the western tip of the island. In Havana, you’ll have insider’s access to the city’s vibrant art and culture, dine at the city’s flourishing restaurants to discover the dinning renaissance the city is undergoing. You will also enjoy a walking guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site Old Havana by the hand of one of the city historians.

From Havana, we drive through lush landscapes and rolling hills toward Maria La Gorda to meet your yacht. Our first stop is the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Viñales Valley, where you’ll take int he breathtaking vistas of the valley and surrounding mountains before continuing to a private cigar tasting and pairing in a working farm, property of Héctor Luis Prieto, Cuba’s youngest Hombre Habana, the highest distinction awarded by the cigar industry.

Considered one of the best seabeds in all Latin America, María La Gorda, a former pirate enclave, is home to more than 50 diving sites, from vertical walls to coral canyons, tunnels, caves, even the remains of a Spanish shipwreck. Located on the western tip of Cuba, the site is also a conservationist’s paradise. We’ll observe the pristine state of the reefs and marine ecosystem guided by a marine biologist from the University of Havana.

Punta Frances National Park in the Isle of Youth is our next stop. Diving excursions, secluded beaches and coves, as well as educational encounters await us in this remote area that can be reached only from the water. Park rangers will discuss the efforts undertaken to protect the habitat of countless species both on land and below the surface.

From Punta Frances we navigate to Cayo Largo del Sur along El Laberinto and other points of environmental interest. Cayo Largo boasts some of the best beaches anywhere in the world. Miles of pristine white sands are reserved only for you and your family as the Key has more beaches that visitors. We’ll enjoy private picnics, select dives, and visit the Marlin Cayo Largo Turtle Refuge, where we will join a private turtle release party and watch the turtles lay their eggs on the sand at night.

Two of the most relevant and beautiful cities in Cuba are located on the South Coast. Cienfuegos and Trinidad are colonial jewels equipped with marinas that can accommodate mega yachts. We’ll tour Cienfuegos, a 19th century city founded by Frenchmen that came from New Orleans and settled the land, leaving behind an iconoclastic city filled with beautiful palaces and public buildings. While Trinidad, one of the oldest cities in the New World, welcomes us with characteristic colonial charm during the day and a vibrant nightlife.

You and your guests will fly back to the US from Cienfuegos at the end of the sojourn.


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Tour typeBoating, Nature

Day 1:Havana


Day 2: Havana


Day 3: Viñales, Hector Luis, Maria La Gorda


Day 4: Maria La Gorda


Day 5: Maria La Gorda - Isle of Youth


Day 6: Isle of Youth


Day 7: Isle of Youth - Cayo Largo


Day 8: Cayo Largo


Day 9: Cayo Largo - on the hook


Day 10: Cienfuegos


Day 11: Trinidad


Day 12: Cienfuegos