Experience the ultimate safari adventure with TOCA Trips, as we immerse you in the surreal beauty and timeless wonders of this incredible country. From the breathtaking diversity of Ngorongoro Crater, wildlife-rich encounters of Arusha and Tarangire National Parks and the ever-changing eco-systems and boundless landscapes of the expansive Serengeti National Park, our team shares Tanzania’s infinite bounty of nature with you.

Each of our customized itineraries includes UNESCO World Heritage natural treasures as well as unique cultural encounters that reflect the rich and vibrant spirit of the Tanzanian people. We introduce you to the elegant Maasai and elusive Hadzabe ethnic cultures, as well as the dynamic cityscape of Arusha where more than 120 ethnic groups intersect. The TOCA Trips team is  comprised of the country’s foremost guides and specialists providing unparalleled insights.

TOCA Trips offers a full range of safari options to meet each individual clients’ needs. From family-focused camping to the most luxurious mobile tented camps and upscale lodge options, we have all the resources to help you plan your ideal safari adventure. 


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